In 2003 the United States passed a federal law, the S.877 CAN-SPAM ACT to curtail the effects of illegal "SPAM" email which has plagued online marketing since the inception of the internet. In our years of experience, we have never endorsed, encouraged, or supported illegal SPAM email or other deceptive marketing techniques. Our products, services, and offers are promoted by a large group of legitimate affiliates and we treat any complaints about our marketing force with the utmost concern.

If you feel that one of our marketing affiliates has promoted this website to you in a deceptive fashion or has violated the CAN-SPAM ACT through their method of email-based promotion, please help us by reporting those who perpetuate the problem. If you would like to report an abusive affiliate, please do so below by filling out your email address.

Once our Compliance Office receives your complaint we will act within 72 hours to investigate and remedy the problem through specific action that may include suspension or dismissal of the offending affiliate, reporting the offending affiliate to the FTC, and / or pursuing legal action against the offending affiliate.

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In an effort to make sure that those persons who have received our offers from S.877 compliant email marketers have the option to cease future advertisements promoting Empire Concepts Inc, we maintain a global "suppression" file. By adding your name to this list, we will make sure that NONE of our affiliates - past, present, or future - send you Empire Concepts Inc-based offers. Please allow up to 10 days for your name to be added to our global suppression file after you fill out the below form.

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